Digital Radios

Anytone 878UV II Plus
DMR Dual-band With GPS, APRS RX/TX and Bluetooth

Anytone 878UV II
DMR Dual-band handheld Commercial Radio with GPS, APRX TX

Anytone 578UV III Plus
DMR  Tri-band Amateur Moble Radio, AM Aircraft RX with GPS and Bluetooth

Anytone 578UV III PRO
DMR Dual-band Mobile Commercial with GPS and Bluetooth

Anderson Powerpoles

Anderson Powerpole
Bonded Connectors
15/30/45 Amp Options
Data Sheet

Anderson Powerpole Unassembled Connectors
15/30/45 Amp Options
Data Sheet

TRIcrimp Tool for 15,30 and 45 amp contacts 

Insertion,Removal & Extration Tool

Perfect tool for Powerpole connectors to insert and extract contacts.

Analog Radios

Powerwerx DB-750X
Dual-Band VHF/UHF 750 Channel Commercial Mobile Radio

Powerwerx 30 Amp
Desktop DC Power Supply with Powerpole Connectors

Power Meters

Powerwerx Battery Capacity Voltage Meter

Powerwerx Precision Battery Status Monitor with 500A Shunt

Powerwerx Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 45A Continuous 12 Gauage, Powerpole Connectors

Panel Mount Digital Blue Volt Meter for 12/24v Systems

Panel Mount Digital Red Voltage Meter for 12/24/V Systems

PanelDome-Blue LED Volt Meter, Battery Percentage Display, waterproof, On/Off switch, 12/24V System

Power Inverters

REDARC R Series 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

REDARC R Series Remote Switch

Portable Power

Mini Portable Power Box 10Ah
120 Watt-hours, 12V, 10A Continious power

Mini Portable Power Box 15Ah
180 Watt-hours, 12V, 15A Continious power